Discovering the Versatility and Comfort of the Corner Sofa

The one thing that we can never get enough of when designing our homes, is space. In any room, there is a battle between the pieces we want to fit in, and having enough space left over for the people who live in it. So it's not surprising that corner sofas are continuing to gain popularity.

Corner sofas, also known as a modulars, manages to do two things at once: they can make a room seem bigger, whilst also providing more seating room than a traditional, fixed sofa. This is something that no other sofa type will do for your home, but what is it about a corner sofa that makes them so good at this?

Better use of space

The key thing to note about corner sofas is that they fit the space in our homes better. At Haven Furniture Designs, our corner sofas are all modular, which means that you can actually build your new sofa to fit your room.

Most homes are designed with living spaces that are rectangular or square, so corner sofas tend to fit nicely into a corner, up against the walls. This frees up space in the center of your room, adding to the illusion of space and given better traffic flow. It also eliminates the gaps which are left when arranging traditional, fixed sofas into corner areas.

If you happen to have a large, open plan living room and dining room, you will also find a corner sofa can be positioned in such a way as to create a visual separation between the two spaces, without the need for a room divider. And because our modular designs are customisable, you're able to create a completely custom seating arrangement that fits the space you have perfectly.

Capacity & Comfort

Aside from freeing up space centrally, a corner sofa will also add extra seating capacity, allowing you to fit more people. They do this in a way that is more inclusive. People seated on each side (or section) of the sofa are perpendicular to one another, meaning that conversation within a group will tend to be more dynamic than it would be with traditional seating arrangements. In fact, you could say the design encourages conversation.

At Haven Furniture Designs, our corner sofas come in a variety of designs that offer complete comfort, with features like deep seating, high back, padded arm-rests, and chaises. You can also build your sofa from a home theatre or entertainment area, by adding consoles with cupholders or reclining functions. So you'll be completely comfy whether you're entertaining a lot of visitors, or using it to double as a lounger when you're on your own!


The final feature that makes corner sofas such a wonderful choice for your living space, is the variety of designs and sizes available. At Haven Furniture Designs, we like to say that it's Your Sofa, Your Way: choose the design you like, the configuration you need and finally the cover that will work best in your home.

Our modular corner sofas can be built in compact 2.5 seater arrangements, through to big, family-sized 7 seater arrangements for larger living areas. When you visit the Haven Furniture Designs Showroom, our friendly Sofa Specialists will be able to assist you in building a modular that fits your space.

A corner sofa can transform the way any room looks, bringing with it smarter use of space that changes the feel of the room completely. And because they're available in a wide variety of fabrics, materials, and designs, offer the ability to seat more people than regular sofas - in amazing comfort - all while using the available space more efficiently, corner sofas truly are worth considering for your living space.